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Selecting Commercial Flooring
29 Sep, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

Flooring is always important no matter if it is residential flooring or commercial flooring. Commercial floors get a lot of wear and tear. The purpose of the building should be factored into your decision on what commercial flooring is the best (moving furniture and equipment, foot traffic and general wear and tear). Here are some ...

Rental Property Flooring
23 Jul, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

Owning rental properties can be a learning curve. No matter the kind of rental property you own (business offices, apartments, houses, or medical offices), it is extremely important to have the right type of flooring for your unit! What to look for in your perfect rental property flooring? Neutral While you may personally love elaborate ...

Hardwearing Flooring
05 Jul, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

No matter how many live in your home or how many paws are present, hardwearing flooring is a smart decision for homeowners. Hardwearing floors allow life to happen while remaining beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Read more about 5 Ways People Damage Their Hardwood Flooring. Adding hardwearing floors comes with added benefits including increased ...

Layering a Rug on Carpet?
27 Nov, 2018  /  by canopyadmin

Most people would never think to place a run on top of their carpet flooring. However, it’s not a crazy idea. Area rugs are used to protect what lies underneath and that is no different for it being carpet. Keep reading and we will walk you through the steps to being practical with a rug ...

7 Flooring Options to Boost Comfort
14 Dec, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

Have you ever wanted a more comfortable floor in the kitchen? Here are seven flooring options to boost your comfort in the kitchen. You may have heard of cork cutting boards but have you thought about it as flooring? Cork is an excellent floor choice because of the level of cushioning. It is available in ...

Carpet Cleaning Tips That Will Make You the Expert
15 Nov, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

Let’s face it, accidents happen despite our best efforts to keep our carpet and hardwood floors clean. Here are 10 tips for cleaning your carpet when the unfortunate accident happens. Blotting is Better than Rubbing. When you rub a stain into carpet the particle will move around getting deeper in the carpet. Blotting will allow ...

Check Out Our New Commercial/Video
25 Sep, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

We are super excited to share our new commercial and online social media (Facebook • Google Plus • LinkedIn • YouTube) video. We proudly sell and install top trusted manufactures like Bruce, Shaw, Mohawk and premium hardwood manufactures like Triangulo, Mirage, Naturally Aged Flooring, Homerwood and many others. From the bedroom to the laundry room, carpet, ...

Add Some Color Into Your Life
23 Aug, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

Color is a great thing to play with and everyone likes a spice of something new. Making your home feel like brand new after years of living there can be accomplished after simply adding some color. Start With Something Small We tend to start big then work towards the smaller details but nothing motivates you ...

Ideal Flooring Options For Pet Owners
23 Mar, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

There is nothing more important to most families than their furry companions. You take them into consideration for your family trips. You pay special attention to their care and maintain their health. So when it comes to purchasing hardwood floors or carpet for your home, there’s no reason to leave them out of the plan! ...