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Is It Time To Replace Your Floor?

Is It Time To Replace Your Floor?

07 Jan, 2022  /  by canopyadmin

Nothing can last forever and that goes for flooring inside your home too. Eventually flooring can get worn down or go out of style no matter how well you care for it, especially when you consider the traffic that it withstands every day. The true question is when is it time to replace your floor. Each flooring has different life expectancies. We are going to walk through the different flooring signs to look for to know when it is time to say good bye to your flooring and look for an upgrade.


Carpet is durable and a good quality can last around 20-years, depending on how you take care of it and the amount traffic it receives in its location. Some of the signs to look for is any visible stains, then physical damages like rips, tears, and holes. Last but not least the odor. If you have pets or children, accidents are bound to happen but is your nose still suffering from them? If yes, consider upgrading your carpet. 


Tile life expectancy varies on the material used. Ceramic tiles can last for generations and most likely won’t be your style before it gives out on you. Signs to look for is cracking and chipping, this can happen from a heavy weight being dropped. Tenting can also happen, this is when tile begins to come up in an arch instead of lying flush. But most importantly look for any loose tile.  Loose tile can cause an accident by cutting someone or causing someone to trip over it. 


Hardwood floors is a durable choice and with the right care and is expected to last 25-years before needing any work. You may also find that you may not need to have it replaced but refinished and resanded. Squeaking floors can be a nuisance and is not always an easy fix. The biggest sign is sloping, meaning the floor is no longer level. The longer you ignore it can be more challenging when trying to repair it. Worse case scenario is that you might need new flooring.

Your flooring needs can change. If you have noticed a sign that it is time to replace your floor or it is time to breathe life into your home with new floors, contact our team today to help you find the perfect fit.