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Selecting Commercial Flooring

Selecting Commercial Flooring

29 Sep, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

Flooring is always important no matter if it is residential flooring or commercial flooring. Commercial floors get a lot of wear and tear. The purpose of the building should be factored into your decision on what commercial flooring is the best (moving furniture and equipment, foot traffic and general wear and tear). Here are some factors you should consider when choosing your commercial flooring.

Office & Retail Space

In your office or retail space you have several flooring options depending on the type of business your operate and your office decor. In high traffic areas hardwood, laminate, vinyl or stone tile might be a good choice. In an office carpet may be a good option which will help absorb sound and help to keep conversations private.

Moisture Prone

Does the area experience humidity and/or moisture that could be harmful to your commercial flooring? Humidity can cause the flooring to warp or bend. You will also want to take into consideration that some commercial flooring materials offer more slip resistance than others.

Schools and Day Cares

Childcare facilities and schools need commercial flooring that is sturdy, durable and scratch resistant due to the high energy levels that happens indoors. It’s also important the floors are comfortable. Using rubber or cork floorings are great options that are known to have some bounce and a cushiony feel.

Medical Offices & Hospitals

You always want a healthy office environment but for some businesses such as hospitals, clinics, or medical offices it is vital they stay clean! When choosing commercial flooring for these environments it is important to avoid floors with porous surfaces since bacteria can grow there. Sheet vinyl is one of the most common floorings for these environments and is also easy to clean and maintain.

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