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Rental Property Flooring

Rental Property Flooring

23 Jul, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

Owning rental properties can be a learning curve. No matter the kind of rental property you own (business offices, apartments, houses, or medical offices), it is extremely important to have the right type of flooring for your unit!

What to look for in your perfect rental property flooring?

While you may personally love elaborate patterns and designs, going with a more simple style will give your space a more open feeling while also being more attractive to the majority of potential tenants.


While it may be more expensive, putting more money into higher quality flooring can pay off in the long run instead of replacing your flooring when a tenant vacates your rental property. Tenants are often not as careful as the property owner and stronger more durable floors tend to last longer.

Pet Friendly

If you allow pets within your rental unit it is important to choose a flooring that can stand up to pet paws. Vinyl flooring may be the perfect match for your rental property.


Why it is important to keep up with flooring trends?
Shorten Your Vacancy Time

Rental properties that are up to date tend to capture more interest and rent faster.

Retain Tenants

When you love where you live it makes wanting to leave your home that much harder. Great flooring can go a long way towards making your tenants feel at home and in turn are less likely to move.

Showing you Care

Tenants desire a positive relationship with their landlord as well as a beautiful rental property. If they see that you have a clean and attractive unit and are keeping up with the trends while placing attention into each unit, it will be perceived that you will be responsive to maintenance requests.

To learn more about flooring options for your home and rental property email or call your Spartanburg flooring experts today at 864-595-3850.

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