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Bedroom Flooring Upgrade Options

Bedroom Flooring Upgrade Options

21 Sep, 2022  /  by canopyadmin

Upgrading bedroom flooring is something everyone considers and looks at once in a while. Finding a new flooring option can totally change the look and feel of your bedroom. Here are a few of our favorite bedroom floor upgrade options.


Hardwood floors are durable, elegant and timeless for any bedroom. Darker woods like walnut can make a bedroom feel warmer and have that cozy feel you are looking for. Lighter woods like maple or oak can make a room feel spacious. It is also important to take into consideration the color of your walls and bedroom furniture when looking at bedroom floor upgrade options.


Carpet may seem like an easy choice, but is perfect to create a warm and cozy feel. Carpet has endless options to choose from to make the room exactly what you envision, from texture to color. Depending on the bedroom should give more insight to the type of carpet to select. Low-pile looped carpet a better choice for children’s bedrooms, while high-pile carpet which have longer strands can give a luxurious feel to the master bedroom.


Tile may seem like an odd choice but is becoming more popular, especially in master bedrooms. Tile can create a seamless transition into the ensuite. The only downside can be stepping onto cool tile in the morning, but nothing a rug couldn’t fix to add additional texture if desired. Tile is easy to clean and maintain.

When it comes to upgrading your bedroom floor, there are numerous options. Whether you are contemplating upgrading your master bedroom, guest room or children’s room, it’s important to  consider your decor as well as practicality.

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