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Hardwearing Flooring

Hardwearing Flooring

05 Jul, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

No matter how many live in your home or how many paws are present, hardwearing flooring is a smart decision for homeowners. Hardwearing floors allow life to happen while remaining beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Read more about 5 Ways People Damage Their Hardwood Flooring.

Adding hardwearing floors comes with added benefits including increased marketability, quick and easy maintenance, and long lasting durability. With so many flooring options out there it is important to understand the difference.

Hard Flooring

Similar to ceramic tile, hardwood, or stone. If your home is filled with children or pets you can benefit from having hard flooring. With hard flooring there is a variety of risks as well, including stains and scratches. Using a sealant can help protect hard flooring from stains caused by spills.

Soft Flooring

Refers to flexible flooring that is created as a roll. Using soft flooring is popular because of the full range of colors that are available. Some examples of soft flooring are:

  • Cork – weather resistant, great for areas that are frequently wet and is a natural product.
  • Carpet – great for unleveled flooring, comes in a variety of patterns and colors.
  • LVT – waterproof and durable and have unlimited choices of patterns and colors and is man-made.

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