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 How to Protect Your Floors this Christmas

 How to Protect Your Floors this Christmas

14 Dec, 2023  /  by canopyadmin

The festive season is everyone’s favorite time of the year. Christmas decorations bring a smile to everyone’s face, and everything looks so beautiful. However, this time of year can be hard on your floors, especially when it comes to the extra foot traffic. Whether you’re expecting a house full of guests, or you are planning to host a big family gathering, it’s important to protect your floors while enjoying all the festivities. Today, we are going to share some simple yet effective tips and tricks on how to protect your floors during Christmas.

Protect your floors with mats and rugs.

Mats and rugs are an excellent way to protect your floors from damage during Christmas. Place them at the entrance of your home, in high traffic areas, and under your Christmas tree. Mats and rugs will act as a barrier against dirt, water, and spills, preventing scratches and other damage.

Avoid high heels and shoes.

High heels and shoes can do a lot of damage to your floors, especially if they have hard soles. Encourage your guests to remove their shoes when entering your home and provide them with indoor slippers. This will not only protect your floors but will also keep your home clean and hygienic.

Be mindful of spills.

Spills are almost inevitable during Christmas, but it’s important to clean them up quickly to avoid any damage to your floors. Keep a spill kit handy, including paper towels, a mop, and a bucket. Make sure to wipe up any liquid spills immediately to prevent them from soaking into your floors.

Use felt pads under furniture.

Furniture legs can scratch and damage your floors, especially if they are heavy. Put felt pads under the legs of your chairs, tables, and other furniture. This will not only help protect your floors, but it will also make it easier to move your furniture around.

Regular cleaning is a must.

Regular cleaning will help keep your floors looking clean and new during and after the holiday season. Vacuum or sweep your floors regularly to remove dirt and debris, and mop them with a mild cleaning solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning products that can damage your floors.

Christmas can be one of the most exciting times of the year for everyone. However, it can also be a dangerous time for your floors. By using these simple tips, you can protect your floors while still enjoying the festivities. Put mats and rugs down, avoid high heels and shoes, be mindful of spills, use felt pads under furniture, and clean your floors regularly. By taking these steps, you can keep your floors safe and looking new all year round.

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