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5 Ways to Get Fresh Floors WITHOUT Remodeling
28 Jan, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

It’s no secret that floors take a beating whether you have children running around or just from daily activities. If you are tired of watching your hardwood floors slowly lose their charm, we have news for you! Now you can get back those fresh floors without having to remodel. Keep reading to find tips to ...

5 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Hardwood Floor Entryway
17 Jan, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

Everyone can stand to get out the door faster. Save time by considering these ways to organize your hardwood floor entryway. Personalized Baskets Keep hats and go to jackets organized by giving each person in the family their own basket. If you do not have a large area small boxes or Ikea shelving can do ...