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Small Things Can Make a Difference with Your Hardwood Floors

Small Things Can Make a Difference with Your Hardwood Floors

10 Jun, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

No matter if you are wanting to freshen up the hardwood floors in your current home or if you are moving into an older home you can always touch up your floors. Here are a few suggestions that can make the biggest difference in your hardwood floors! 

Add an Accent Rug

While wall to wall carpeting may not be what you want, adding an accent rug in high traffic areas can decrease the damage done to your floors as well as adding another dimension to the room.

Make Your Floors Look Like New

When our hardwood floors start getting older most of the time you run to get an estimate on refinishing them. But that may not be what you need! First start with re-coating the floors! By re-coating the hardwood floors you are adding a fresh layer of protection, this process is also safer, faster, and easier!

Protect Your Floors

It’s always smart to place floor protectors on the legs of furniture you are using especially if the furniture is placed on hardwood floor.  This can help protect the hardwood floors from easy to obtain scratches and dents. Especially if you are moving or sliding furniture across the room.


Cleaning your hardwood floors does not have to be a time consuming task as long as you are using the right type of cleaner. For floors with a wax finish it may be good to use a waxing compound to remove any dirt. Where as if you have a Polyurethane coat simply mixing vinegar and water can be enough! If you aren’t sure what kind of coat you have you can do a quick at home test. By dripping some water onto the floor if the water beads up it most likely is a polyurethane finish, where if it soaks into the floor it is likely to be a wax finish.

Watch the Temperature

Woods can be highly affected by the temperature and level of humidity inside your home. If there are high levels of humidity in your home the wood can begin to buckle. The ideal temperature to help maintain your floors is between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit with 30-50% humidity.

Considering hardwoods can bring additional questions. If you would like help choosing new hardwoods for your home, contact your hardwood flooring expert Canopy Hardwood.

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