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Tips for Creating Color Flow in Your Home

Tips for Creating Color Flow in Your Home

28 May, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

Homes are an extension of the people who live in them!  It is where we recharge, spend time with family, relax and host friends. Choosing paint colors for this special place, can be hard because we want the colors to reflect who we are and compliment our flooring. While there is no “correct” way to pick colors, there are some things we need to remember when choosing what’s going on our walls. Here are 5 tips for choosing colors that create a cohesive flow through your home.

Take Note of your Fixed Elements

Cabinets, countertops, wall tile, and flooring, these are things that you are most likely not changing.  You will want to make sure that your color flow through paint, compliments the colors that are in your home to stay.

Choose Color Groups

It’s best when choosing colors, to limit yourself to a color pallet with the same underlying tones. Cool colors such as greys, blues and greens, or warm colors such as tans, reds, and pinks. For your home to flow, you will want to stick with paint color that has the same tones.

Pick a Flow Through Paint

Pick one consistent color to flow throughout your home. This is especially important if you have an open floor plan.  This color will serve as your main color, or your “neutral”. Many people choose a white, grey, or beige for the main color and choose one or two accent colors for different spaces. If you want some differentiation in your neutral, you can go one shade darker or one shade lighter for different spaces.

Accent Color

After picking your flow through paint, pick an accent color to compliment. For instance, if you have grey for your main color, you may want to pick a darker blue, for your accent color! An accent color is excellent in a bathroom, office, or bedroom.


Use accessories to bring in more color! Pillows, candles, lamps, and pictures brighten up spaces and add dimension to your rooms. If your wall colors are cool, you can either choose cool colors for your accents, or complementary warm colors. The great thing about accessories, if you get tired of the color, you can replace them and change the look of your home without repainting the walls.

Creating a home with a cohesive look seems tricky, but it can be easily done! If you need help choosing hardwoods and picking out flooring to compliment your paint colors, contact your hardwood flooring expert, Canopy Hardwood.

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