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Myths of Hardwood Flooring

Myths of Hardwood Flooring

23 Oct, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

There are several myths circulating about hardwood flooring. One most commonly heard is that hardwood flooring has high maintenance costs. Let’s cut to the truth and bust these 8 myths of hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Scratches Easily

All types of flooring will experience wear and tear over time. Hardwood floors are one of the few types of flooring that can be repaired to look brand new again with a light sanding! Commonly, you will see damage to the finishing, not the wood itself.

Engineered Wood Isn’t Hardwood

This is just not true. Engineered wood is a type of hardwood. Engineered wood planks are made up from several layers of wood veneers and wood. The only difference between hardwood and engineered wood is the adhesive used to hold the veneers together and the finishing applied. Many do not notice the difference between engineered wood and solid hardwood floorings when installed.

Keep Hardwood Flooring Out of the Kitchen

This myth stems from the fact that wood and water do not mix well. Try substituting a wet mop on the wood floor with a microfiber dust cloth. Using a wet mop regularly can dull the finish. Hardwood floors in the kitchen are popular and can withstand heavy traffic.

Hardwood Flooring is Expensive

This comes down to how you look at it. While hardwood floors may be more expensive than other flooring options, they are among the most cost-effective options. This is because when installed and maintained properly, hardwood flooring can last over a century. If your hardwood floors need a fresh look, they can be sanded and refinished throughout its lifetime. Hardwoods can easily adapt to changes in your style and décor too which makes them effective.

All Hardwood Floors are the Same

Hardwoods are available in a variety of styles and finishes. They are also considered to be one of the most flexible materials allowing it to fit a variety of aesthetics.

Selling Your Home? Don’t Invest in Hardwoods

You may have heard that if you plan on selling your house you shouldn’t invest in hardwoods. Actually, by adding hardwood flooring into your house you may be able to raise the value of your home. Some buyers are willing to pay extra for a home with hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floors Must Be Waxed Often

If the finishing on your hardwood floor was done by a flooring professional, they do not need to be repeatedly waxed. It is important to know that once the hardwood has been waxed it cannot be refinished because the new layer of finish will not stick properly. Read more Maintenance Tips For Your Hardwood Floors.

Hardwood Cannot Handle Your Life

The biggest misconception is that hardwood floors cannot handle the wear and tear that children and animals bring. Most hardwood floors are ready for anything you throw at them. Different types of hardwood have varying degrees of durability and hardness and the finishing adds another protective layer of protection.

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