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5 Tips To Ensure Your Hardwood Floors Stay In Great Condition During The Summer

5 Tips To Ensure Your Hardwood Floors Stay In Great Condition During The Summer

17 Jul, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

We constantly walk on our hardwood floors often without much thought. It’s time to change that. The hot and humid days of the summer have a lasting effect on hardwood floors. Use these five tips to ensure your hardwood floors stay in great condition.

  1. Using blinds and curtains can help reduce the impact light has on your hardwood floors. Natural light is great, but when it is beaming down on your hardwood floor it can be harmful. The constant light exposure can result in fading or discoloring the hardwood.
  2. Doormats are your friend. Using a mat at all outdoor entrances can go a long way. With all the traffic in and out mud, pebbles, dirt, and other objects can get dragged in and get stuck in your carpet and even damage your hardwood floors. When hard objects are dragged across the surface it can scratch up the finish.
  3. Toss the broom to the side. Vacuuming your hardwood floor can become a lot more efficient than sweeping everything.
  4. We place padding under the legs of tables and chairs to keep them from scratching your hardwood floor. For the same purpose we need to change them out regularly to ensure nothing is attached to the bottom damaging the hardwood floor every time someone pulls a chair out.
  5. As much as we try to avoid the humidity, hardwood flooring actually needs some to stay in the best condition. The recommended humidity level is 35% to 55%. Too much humidity can cause warping or curves in the floor just like the opposite of too dry of air can result in cracking and splitting of the floor.

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