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Stop The Fading

Stop The Fading

10 Aug, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

Getting hardwood floors is exciting! So exciting we might forget that the wood will eventually begin to fade, or not! Here are a few tips to keep your hardwood floors looking brand new for years.

The beauty about hardwood floors is how natural they look and that’s because at the very core they are natural which is why the hardwood will change some because everything natural has time to change. The process called “patina” is a wood floor fading either lighter or darker. Some wood will fade very subtly to the point only you will notice.

If you rather the hardwood stay the original color here are some tips you can use to attempt to stop the fading.

There are two components that cause wood to fade. Those are exposure to sunlight and finishes and stains that were applied.

By minimizing the light exposure you can save the wood. The easiest way to achieve this is covering the windows by using blinds, shutters, or drapes. Also use decorating to your favor. By rearranging rugs and furniture you divide the wood exposed keeping the wood fading process at a minimum.   Plus who doesn’t love getting a new look!

Adding a finish to the wood can bring out different colors. An oil based finish will bring out the rich wood colors but also will begin to turn yellow after some time.   If you want to maintain the original color the best way is to go with a water based finish. This will remain clear and help stop long term fading.

Has your floors already began to fade? If you dislike how your floors have faded and wish to return to the original color, your option is to sand down the wood and re-finish the floors and call one of our professionals at Canopy Hardwood.

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