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Ways To Make Your Home Feel Spacious

Ways To Make Your Home Feel Spacious

30 Jun, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

The first key step to making your house feel larger inside is to use coffee tables and ottomans on your hardwood floors. Using an ottoman that can be either used as extra seating is the perfect place to place drinks. Bring more light into the area by placing a standing light in the most unused corner.

It’s better to have a few solid furniture pieces that tie in with the room and hardwood flooring rather than large pieces that do not match. Getting a couple pieces within the same color palette as your walls. The simplest things such as matching chairs can help enlarge the space. Bringing a different color or patterned ottoman with matching pillows can bring more life into a smaller space.

Does your house have an open structure that allows rooms to flow together? Dividing the living room from the dining room can be tough. The simplistic touches can help change the house completely when choosing your hardwood flooring. Just like before, adding a simple standing light can help make the rooms separate from each other and coordinate with a rug in one of the rooms.

Another option to separate dining and living spaces is an L-shaped sectional sofa. This sofa provides extra seating for guests as well provides an invisible wall.

In a narrow living space its key to be effective in storage and function. Placing a long couch against the wall can help make it appear larger with a glass coffee table to create a natural pathway. Using a glass table can create more of appearance of an open space and look beautiful on your hardwood floors.

Close corners call for mirrors. Hanging a large mirror can give the illusion of space by placing light reflections around the room.

Build in your furniture on your beautiful hardwood floors. This can be a bold step that wastes no space. Building it in gives the modern appearance that it has been suspended in air.

No corner shall be wasted. Do you have open space under your stairs? That valuable space is often wasted so its time to change that. Everyone can use more storage so transition that into a storage area.

Stop hiding the items you love the most. Adding an open shelving can give you the perfect opportunity to show off your prized possessions. These will make great conversation pieces that hold significant value.

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