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Selecting Tile Flooring for Your Kitchen

Selecting Tile Flooring for Your Kitchen

11 Mar, 2022  /  by canopyadmin

A classic flooring option for the kitchen is tile because it is durable and water resistant. If anything is dropped or water splashes out of the sink you have flooring that is ready for it. Here are some key facts about tile flooring to help you choose the perfect tile for your kitchen.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made from clay which has been exposed to temperatures over 1000 degrees celsius. The clay then transforms into a solid and durable product. Ceramic tile can be easily cleaned and can match any aesthetic. Ceramic tile is diverse and come in a variety of colors and shapes including natural colors from soft whites or stone colors. 

Stone Tiles

Stone tile flooring is higher in cost and an option worth considering. Stone tiles are cut from naturally occurring stone. Stone tile flooring is long lasting, resistant to water damage and scratches, and easy to clean. Depending on the type of stone used there are different maintenance requirements and different levels of durability. For kitchen areas consider granite, travertine, marble, and slate which are more common stone tiles.  All stones come in a variety of shades and patterns so you can explore what is best for your house.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile comes in a variety of price points. LVT is durable and comfortable to walk around on. There are many options to choose including ones that look like tile or hardwood flooring. LVT can give you more flexibility within your budge so you can select what you like best for your home.

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