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Add Some Color Into Your Life

Add Some Color Into Your Life

23 Aug, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

Color is a great thing to play with and everyone likes a spice of something new. Making your home feel like brand new after years of living there can be accomplished after simply adding some color.

Start With Something Small

We tend to start big then work towards the smaller details but nothing motivates you like a small accent piece. Having an item you really love can give a starting point to redoing the look and feel.

Embrace Nature

When outdoors many people fall into a state of relaxation and after all isn’t that what you want to feel when you walk through your front door? Bringing the forest into the house by using hues of green that reminds you of childhood camping trips. From the ocean calling your name or smelling roses, decorate your home to make you feel most comfortable.

It’s OK To Shake It Up

Although we love grandma, her house tends to have everything always matching. That’s a way of the past. The new matching is mishmatch. Do not be afraid to have different colored curtains from the rug and even bring in patterns that will fuel your creativity.

Pillows And Rugs

If you love to change up small things, getting pillows and rugs with vibrant patterns are an easy way to change the space whenever you desire. You can take it as far as you want and even purchase fabrics to refurbish pieces you already have.

Take A Chair From Drab To New

If you love crafts this is the perfect thing for you. Do you have a piece that means to much to you to get rid of, but doesn’t fit the look you are going for? Don’t just throw it away.  Turn it into something you will enjoy. Take a chair from drab and get new fabric with color and it will turn completely around without the cost of buying a new chair.


Ladies, who doesn’t love flowers? Another way to bring life into a room is color cut flowers. Keeping colorful flowers in the house brings a sort of energy that makes you want to stop and smell the roses!

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