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10 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook Cleaning In Your Home

10 Things You Shouldn’t Overlook Cleaning In Your Home

09 Jun, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

The whole house got hit with the flu and it’s spreading like a wildfire! You quickly clean the house to get rid of the virus but here are some objects we usually miss cleaning that carry a lot of germs as well!


In this day and age you probably have at least one computer in the house! Make sure you grab an old toothbrush and a little rubbing alcohol to clean the keyboard with!

Vacuum Cleaner Filters

We will often clean our houses without thinking for a second about cleaning the cleaning supplies. Next time after you vacuum grab the filter and wash out dirt and allergens by running it through the dishwasher.

Outdoor Garbage Cans

You bring your trash out maybe once a week so how dirty could that possibly be? Can you remember the last time your garbage can was cleaned? Grab some dish soap and roll it outside and spray it down with the hose.

TV Remote

Do your little munchkins love to turn on the TV and mess with the remote? Next time you are cleaning and before you put your feet up to relax, take the extra minute and grab that old toothbrush again and scrub all the germs off of that remote.

Heating Vents

Bunnies are wonderful for kids but not these bunnies. Dust bunnies can help be prevented by placing a damp cloth over the vent and take a knife up the slots to reach the dust.

Knock Knock

Door knobs are constantly being grabbed by family members and visitors. It will only take a second if you grab some sanitizing wipes and go over all the door knobs and locks in the house.

Washing Machine

Constantly doing laundry for the family can be tough but what if you did one extra load to clean the washing machine. Take some vinegar with hot water or a tablet from the store and let the washer do the rest.


We are constantly washing things with the kitchen sponge and it’s just as important to keep that clean. Put the sponge in the dishwasher on a “heated dry” setting and this can kill odor and germs.

Fan Blades

Make sure to keep the fan blades clear of dust from flying around with an extendable microfiber duster.


Now I’m sure you are about to check this off the list now that you have taken out the racks and cleaned the shelves in the refrigerator. However have you unplugged it and taken out the bottom tray to access the coils? After you gain access to the coils take a vacuum and gently clean the dust out of there.

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