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Selecting Rental Property Flooring

Selecting Rental Property Flooring

15 Jan, 2021  /  by canopyadmin

When you are selecting rental property flooring there are a few factors to take into consideration.

Low Maintenance

Choosing a low maintenance flooring option will mean that as an investor it is one less thing to worry about. Having a higher end flooring may seem good in the moment however, it means more up keep such as waxing or applying oil. As landlords or investors you have plenty of other things to worry about and not performing maintenance on the property flooring during vacancy times isn’t one of them.


Let’s face it we all know tenants aren’t as careful as you would be in your own home. Because of this its possible to get more than normal wear and tear on your flooring. So you need to take into consideration how much your flooring can withstand. When looking at durability vinyl and laminate flooring are the most durable options!


Price is always at top of mind especially when trying to stick to a budget. With the chance that you will need to replace your flooring more frequently. When finding how affordable a flooring option can be falls on multiple factors. These factors are costs of material, installation costs, and constant maintenance costs. When looking into the prices you have the high-end products or more cost effective choices. More affordable choices will be tile or carpet flooring.

Aesthetically Pleasing

No one wants to get a new property, install new floors and still hate how it looks. Whether you are looking for your flooring to add more light, a home-ier feel or much more. Expert designers suggest going for a nude or subtle color, that would be easier for your tenants to match with their furniture verses an outdated print or shag carpet.

Easy Install

Installing flooring is not necessarily an easy job. If you have been an investor for some time you may have some experience with this. Installing flooring depends on how long it will take to get the material and how long it will take to install the flooring across the entire space. The duration of installation will also depend on the type of flooring and experience of the installer.


No one wants to take a risk with their health or well being, this makes safety a key concern for your rental property. Be sure to consider flooring that may not be slippery if it gets wet.

If you are a real estate investor selecting flooring and an installer for your property, contact us today for help finding the best fit for you.