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Quick Tips for May

Quick Tips for May

23 May, 2018  /  by canopyadmin

The month of May has so much to look forward to from Mother’s Day to Memorial Day. Here are some quick tips to make sure you are ready!

Outdoor Lights

Take a quick minuet to check to see if your outdoor lights are all working. This is a perfect time to replace bulbs or schedule repairs.

Potted Plants

If you have any potted plants give them some TLC. To help your plants adjust to the summer find a protected spot out of direct sunlight for their first weeks outside.

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Keep your eyes on these areas that can save you from a costly repair later on.

Smoke Detectors

You can never be too safe. The U.S. Fire Administration says smoke detectors should be tested once a week and replaced every ten years.


Give your grill a deep cleaning before summer is here! This will help it work more efficiently and prevent flare ups.

Garden Paths

If you have any garden paths take the time and clean them up. Trimming any branches or limbs that are going a stray can help give it a much cleaner look.

Dust the walls

Using the dust attachment on your vacuum can clean up the walls and especially the baseboards to bring a new level of clean to a room.


Refresh the bedroom, taking time to rotate the beds and even flip the mattress if possible can bring more comfort and receive a better night of sleep.

Washing Machine

How about cleaning the room that cleans so much for you! Take the time to run your washing machine with tub cleaner (or vinegar) with hot water!


With the weather heating up be ready for a spontaneous picnic at all times! Get a picnic kit by getting your outdoor supplies stored away in an easy to reach basket.

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