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Ideas for Using Gray Carpet

Ideas for Using Gray Carpet

29 Apr, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

Thinking about using gray carpet in your home? This can be a great color option for a living room but it also comes with design questions. You might be asking yourself which wall color should I select? What are the best furniture shades? We are here to help you through all of those questions and have a few suggestions.

Choose a Gray and Go For It!

Choosing a lighter gray can help bring in a light and brighter essence to the room! By having light walls with a light gray carpet can sound like too much but it can look extremely sophisticated with small accents of bright colors around the room.

Come to the Dark Side

We all know accidents happen. When there are food and drink spills a dark gray can be a safer choice for those worried about stains. Using a dark carpet doesn’t mean a dark space, using light furniture can open up the room.

Why not Add a Stripe?

Adding a subtle stripe in the carpet can bring in texture that can add warmth into the room.

Make it Uniform

By bringing the same carpet into the living and dining room can help create an open flow throughout the rooms. If you would like to break up the area try laying a patterned rug in front of the sofa.


This can be as simple as selecting a wool carpet which will bring in a nice gray texture to your living room. Having a room with gray carpet and furniture is possible as long as there is a thought behind the accents pillows or decorations.

Cool it Down!

Who doesn’t love fun bright colors? Adding a bright wall is completely possible without it taking over. By adding a gray carpet you can achieve the perfect balance of bright but not too bright!

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