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June Home Checklist
21 Jun, 2018  /  by canopyadmin

Summer officially begins today! Here are a few items for your home checklist that you can achieve in under an hour!!! Empty Standing Water This is the best way to steer clear of mosquitos. Make Your MUST-Do List This list holds all the things you have to do before summer ends. Be sure to include ...

Eight Ways To Make Mom Feel Extra Special This Mother’s Day!
12 May, 2018  /  by canopyadmin

Set Your Alarm! One small step towards the perfect Mother’s Day is getting up early and making her tea or coffee as well as setting up the perfect place for her to relax. Breakfast Next, who doesn’t love a delicious breakfast spread. Especially if you do not have to make it! Help her out by ...

Transforming Your Room With Color
27 Apr, 2018  /  by canopyadmin

Adding color to any room can completely transform it. Here are 11 ways to do it! Paint the Inside of Your Cabinets To take your house up a notch and really give people something to look at, remove the cabinet doors and paint the inside a fun color. Paint Your Office Your Favorite Color You’re ...

Caring For Your Hardwood Floors
02 Apr, 2018  /  by canopyadmin

Hardwood floors can be the prize of the home. Let’s find out what you need to know to take care of your hardwood floor. Rugs The key to preventing scratches caused by dust and dirt is placing rugs in high-traffic areas. This adds a fun element to the home while protecting your floors. Pads Using ...

7 Flooring Options to Boost Comfort
14 Dec, 2017  /  by canopyadmin

Have you ever wanted a more comfortable floor in the kitchen? Here are seven flooring options to boost your comfort in the kitchen. You may have heard of cork cutting boards but have you thought about it as flooring? Cork is an excellent floor choice because of the level of cushioning. It is available in ...