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Protect Your Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen

Protect Your Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen

25 May, 2022  /  by canopyadmin

Many people wrestle with the idea to put hardwood floors in the kitchen. Most people think it isn’t good to have hardwood floors in the kitchen, when the truth is most of it comes down to selecting a style of solid or engineered hardwood to get the desired hardwood floors. However, putting hardwood flooring of any kind comes with some risk when installing it in a high-traffic or moisture-prone area.

Here are three simple tips to help protect your investment and keep your floors looking great: 

Keep Your Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen Clean

Firstly, keep your floors clean by staying on top of sweeping and wiping up moisture. When debris collects on the flooring or accumulates between the planks, it may end of scratching the finish. Too much moisture over time can lead to rotting of the wood. It is a good practice to sweep your kitchen floors daily and clean up any spills as soon as you notice them. Stay on top of kitchen clean ups and your floors will thank you for it. 

Area Rugs

Incorporating area rugs in high traffic areas like beneath the sink, stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator can go a long way in protecting your hardwood floors. An area rug will shield the floor of the daily wear and tear, including areas that can get wet from the refrigerator water and ice maker and dishwasher. You may also want to consider a wood safe rug pad for underneath your area rug.

Furniture Pads

Don’t forget about protecting your hardwood floors from kitchen and counter seating. Use furniture pads underneath the legs of your bar stools, kitchen chairs and tables. This small and simple add on can make the biggest difference for your flooring and while helping to keep dents and scratches from occurring. 

For any of your questions and flooring needs contact Canopy Hardwood today and our professionals will help you make the best choice for your kitchen.