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Matching Floors?

Matching Floors?

08 Aug, 2022  /  by canopyadmin

Have you asked yourself the question…should i be matching floors? Choosing your home flooring is one of the most important aspects to home design. It’s important that it will match and compliment the other décor you have chosen in your house. But what if you are having trouble finding a color or design to match?

One thing to consider is the cohesiveness of the space. If the majority of your furniture is wood, you may want to choose a wood floor that will compliment the style of furniture or general feel you are going for within your home. Just think about the overall “look” you are trying to achieve in your home.

Match or Contrast?

Once you have decided the feel of the home and the flooring you can decide if you want a seamless look or contrast. The easiest way to complete a seamless look will be to include the same flooring throughout the house. This is especially popular with open concept homes. For a more unique look throughout, you may want to change the flooring to create more contrast and a dynamic feel. Remember not to use floorings that clash and consider options that are in the same color family. 

Tips for Mix and Matching

One idea is to find one flooring style for the main areas of your home, like the living room or kitchen.  Then identify a more unique style for the bedrooms, bathrooms and/or laundry room which will add different dimensions. You can even choose a similar flooring and go with different finishes or stains to provide the different style you are looking for.

Mistakes to Avoid
  • Clashing Colors
  • Keep Carpet Away from Wet Areas
  • Some Floors Don’t Match as much as you may like them

The possibilities are endless and it comes down to personal preference. Step out of your box and get creative.

Shopping and matching floors can be hard.  Contract our professionals today for help selecting and matching your floors in your home or office.