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Hardwood Floors Can Be Child Friendly

Hardwood Floors Can Be Child Friendly

04 Mar, 2020  /  by canopyadmin

Hardwood floors can be child friendly and have become a popular choice among homeowners to create a timeless look in any space. However, a big misconception is that having hardwood floors is not child friendly. Here are five reasons why hardwood floors can be child friendly and may be the best bet for your family.

Easy Clean Up

No matter who your child is they are bound to make a mess every now and again if not more often. Hardwood floors have their own checklist for ways to clean up, but when it comes to quickly cleaning up spills you won’t be reaching for water and a variety of cleaning products. Just grab a paper town to wipe up the mess and a damp paper towel to remove any residue left behind.

Not All Hardwoods Are The Same

No matter what flooring you choose, durability has to be a factor with kids. Bamboo flooring rises to the top. It has a similar aesthetic appearance to timber but is a harder substance. This can be a benefit for moments when your little ones turn your living room into their personal playground and there is also a less chance that bamboo floors will be scratched. There are a variety of other durable hardwood options, while you are looking around make sure to look at the durability of the floor.

Hardwood Floors Are A Healthier Option

Let’s face it your kids are exposed to all types of germs at school, meaning it’s important to try and fight the spread at home too. Carpets and thick rugs can trap dirt and food crumbs which allows for the perfect breeding ground for children to get sick. With hardwood floors, you no longer have to worry about what your child is playing on top of and is a great alternative for children who suffer from allergies since animal fur and pollen won’t have a place to hide.

Disguise Dirt

One misconception is that darker woods hide dirt, dust, and other debris. But we’re about to change everything you’ve known. Lighter colored woods such as oak or cherry help open and brighten up your home while minimizing the appearance of any dirt or dust. Making it perfect for maintaining your home when you don’t have hours to spend cleaning.

Less Likely to Stain Than Carpet

Believe it or not but hardwood floors are less likely to stain than carpets! With kids it is only a matter of time before someone’s juice is knocked over and spills all over your flooring. With hardwood floors all you will have to do is wipe up the mess verses running to get a cleaning product for your carpet and hoping you can absorb the liquid before it stains.

Every type of flooring come with their own maintenance instructions. No matter what flooring you select your Spartanburg flooring professionals at Canopy Hardwood are here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at 864.595.3850 and talk to one of our flooring professionals to discuss your flooring options.

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