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Caring for Your Flooring this Holiday

Caring for Your Flooring this Holiday

16 Dec, 2019  /  by canopyadmin

With holiday parties in full swing its important to know the basics of caring for your flooring during the holidays. Party-proof your flooring to help prevent against the damage that could come from walking in high heels, kids prancing around, and even pets running around.

Here are tips to help you protect your hardwood floors and get them ready for the holidays.

Dirt and Shoes

With the mix of winter weather this causes mud that can be harsh on your flooring. Ideally asking guests to take off their shoes would be the best option. However, that may make some hosts feel uncomfortable, another option would be getting a doormat inside every doorway for guests to scrape off their shoes.

Christmas Tree

We all love the smell of a fresh and live Christmas tree but what come with it are the scratchy needles that continuously fall down. It is important to make sure your tree is placed on a waterproof mat or bag. One tip for removing the tree is to wrap it up to avoid scratches when bringing the tree in or removing it. While a Christmas tree skirt is a lovely decoration it also helps protect the flooring from needles from the tree getting into hard to reach areas.

Party Foul

With every event comes the possibility of spilt drinks. A quick fix for this is having paper towels and spray to quickly be able to clean it up from the floor and avoid any further damage.

Turn it Down

Typically we turn up the heat in the winter months but extreme amount of heat can cause cracks and shrinkage of the floors. If you can stand it being a little cooler turning down the heat or adding a humidifier to help moisture is another option.

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